ARVAL Spain's PMO chooses Triskell Software as PPM solution

With a record implementation time, the Project Management Office of Arval Spain has adopted Triskell as a management tool to replace Excel.

For many organizations, the process of moving from a tool such as Microsoft Excel to PPM solutions for project portfolio management is a tough one. There are many barriers and resistances to change that must be overcome for its successful implementation. Arval’s PMO in Spain took the step in January 2020 and, thanks to Triskell Software, Project Managers have project portfolio management under control.

Arval is one of the world’s leading companies in the leasing and mobility services industry. It is totally owned by BNP Paribas and has around 7,000 employees, spread across the more than 50 countries in which the company operates.


Arval is in the process of evolving its business model by expanding and diversifying its portfolio of products and services. In addition to planning to increase its fleet by 2 million vehicles, it wants to expand its range of products and services in the coming years, including e-bikes rental, Car Sharing and micro-mobility solutions, or the development of MaaS applications.

In this context of change, Aaron García, head of Arval’s Project Management Office in Spain, explains how the management of the project portfolio within the organization had to evolve along with the business model and adapt to the new management models. And that meant adopting a PPM solution to replace Excel: “The portfolio was managed with Microsoft Excel. There, a single person gathered all the information from the different project managers”, Aaron recalls.

Why Triskell Software?

It was a manual way of management that brought with it poor control over resources and changes in the portfolio. From the moment Aaron Garcia was entrusted with the implementation of Arval’s PMO in Spain, it was clear to him that they needed a PPM software like Triskell Software. He explains: “”The differentiator that made us to opt for Triskell was the great potential of this solution”.

He adds, “We saw the flexibility of the solution and how it adapts to the company’s processes in an agile and simple way”. Given the context in which Arval was at the time, with the PMO just launched and taking its first steps, Aaron emphasizes of Triskell that “it met the initial needs we had at the PMO”. Needs that, as the PMO consolidated, would evolve, being the adaptability and flexibility mentioned by Aaron the key element to choose Triskell’s PPM solution.


And that flexibility, plus “the personal and efficient service of both the technical and commercial teams”, as Aaron acknowledges, made the implementation of Triskell’s solution in Arval’s PMO in Spain really fast: 3 weeks.

However, there were many obstacles and challenges that the organization had to face during the Triskell implementation process. The PMO had been operating for just a few months in a corporation accustomed to using Microsoft Excel as a management tool. For this reason, and in parallel to the integration of Triskell, Arval Spain made changes to its internal management processes to facilitate its implementation.

Aaron Garcia explains: “We had to make changes in the definition of our processes because our starting point was a rather uncontrolled use of Excel”. Even so, the result of the implementation was “very satisfactory thanks to the flexibility in configuring Triskell to meet the different management requirements that arise from the PMO,” says Aaron.


When the PMO of Arval Spain decided to implement Triskell’s PPM solution as a project portfolio management tool, they did so with a series of objectives in mind:

  • To have a solution that would provide an answer to the management of the Project Portfolio. And, depending on the requirements that will be presented to the PMO, to be able to manage several portfolios from the tool itself.
  • To be able to efficiently and flexibly manage issues such as budgets, costs and risks of the project portfolio with dashboards and indicators adaptable to the needs of the organization.
  • Centralize the management of the project portfolio in a cloud system that complies with all Arval Spain and BNP Paribas security policies.
  • Change the existing portfolio management, which was done through Excel, to a solution in which the automatic generation of reports is one of its strong features.

A year and a half after the implementation of Triskell Software at Arval, Aaron Garcia takes stock and his conclusions are really positive: “we now have a management system where each project manager has access to their projects and can manage them autonomously, thus contributing to the continuous updating of the organization’s project portfolio dashboard”.

Triskell Software has all the necessary functionalities for the effective management of the project portfolio of any organization. And its implementation has helped Aaron Garcia and his team work more efficiently: “Thanks to Triskell we have been able to automate processes and save management time,” he concludes.

Final assessment

Thanks to the successful implementation of Triskell Software, Arval Spain’s PMO has achieved a more efficient and organized management of its project portfolio, aligning it with the organization’s strategic planning. The flexibility and scalability of the application make it an ideal tool for PMOs, Project Managers and IT managers of any organization.

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