Redefine your path to market leadership

Empower your teams to generate new ideas, align with strategic objectives and bring innovative products to life.

Streamline Phase-Gate processes for seamless new product development

Get the tools you need to manage R&D projects seamlessly from conception to commercialization. Say goodbye to manual tracking and hello to automated workflows that ensure every phase is executed efficiently and effectively.

Accelerate time-to-market without compromising quality

In today’s fast-paced market, speed is essential. However, accelerating time-to-market without compromising quality can be challenging. Triskell Software helps you strike the perfect balance, enabling you to streamline processes, automate workflows, and deliver high-quality products faster.

Manage the financial risks of new product development

You know how expensive and risky new product development is and the damage it can do to an organization’s financial health if projects fail. Keep track of the resources, funds and expenses dedicated to your R&D projects, so that company executives can see their complexity and importance.

Key features of new product development software

Whether you are a Strategy Manager or Strategic Planner, PMO Manager or Project Portfolio Manager, you have all the functionalities at your fingertips in Triskell to ensure that the execution of your strategy is aimed at business success.

Resource Management

Have the right resources allocated at the right stage of your R6D projects.

Master Plans & Roadmap

Design and record all milestones of your new product development projects.

Kanban Boards

Get a clear understanding of what has been done and what´s next in your projects.


Design clear workflows to decide whether projects can move to the next phase.

Phase-Gate Model

Move your existing Phase-Gate processes to Triskell platform.

Gantt chart

Get a complete overview of the tasks and progress of your new product development projects.

What-if scenarios

Simulate different scenarios and anticipate possible market shifts and opportunities.

R&D project scoring

Improve the profitability of your R&D projects and prioritize the most important ones.

Portfolio risk analysis

Gain full control over risk management throughout the entire lifecycle of your projects.

Customer requirements

Involve the customer in all your R&D and NPD projects.

Phase-Gate Process dashboard

Get a clear view of each project phase and optimize your Phase Gate processes.

Product ideation

Evaluate, score and give green light to the best ideas for new product development.

New product development software for all

New product development projects are the most important for companies, which is why it’s so crucial to keep executives, departments, resource managers and other roles within the organization informed. Thanks to Triskell’s flexibility and its new product development capabilities, everyone will stay in the loop.

Triskell has multiple features (project roadmaps, resource management capabilities, advanced dashboards, etc.) to keep the organization’s executives informed at all times of your new products’ development status.

Triskell for Executives

Optimizing each phase of new product development is key. This can be done by harnessing the phase-by-phase review processes called for as part of the phase-gate methodology and incorporating them into the different facets of your R&D projects: project prioritization, workflows, resource and fund allocation, etc.

Triskell for Project Managers

R&D and new product development projects require specialized staff at every stage. Listing resources by skills, determining whether you have all the necessary resources and measuring how each resource is contributing to the project has never been easier than with Triskell.

Triskell for Resource Managers

Both customers and the R&D project team members must be actively involved throughout the project. The flexibility offered by Triskell to adapt to the needs of each role in your organization, plus all the collaborative tools it offers, will make it your best ally.

Triskell for Stakeholders
Triskell masterplan


Integrate with the tools you already use

New product development projects involve many players and departments in an organization. To facilitate all-round cooperation, Triskell offers a set of standard integration tools that can be tailored to your business needs.

You are in good company

See how organizations like yours use the Triskell platform to strategize, align and deliver business outcomes.


Efficient management of the innovation project portfolio

“Triskell manages all the group’s innovation projects following the Phase-Gate methodology. The results? Rationalization of the budget, better arbitration of projects, assurance of the capacity to carry out the projects undertaken or quantification of the value creation of each project, among others”.


Visibility of resource allocation

“We evaluated several project portfolio management software packages to replace the many other desktop tools used to manage our R&D projects. We were surprised by the ease of configuration and flexibility of Triskell”.


Beyond NPD software

Achieve control over business challenges and ensure results by leveraging Triskell solutions to capture, align, and link objectives, initiatives, programs, and portfolios across your entire enterprise.

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New Product Development FAQ

Triskell Software empowers NPD with robust features:

  • Idea management: Capture, evaluate, and track new product ideas for innovation.
  • Project planning and execution: Define scopes, set objectives, and manage tasks and timelines.
  • Resource allocation: Optimize resource utilization by assigning the right skills to each stage.
  • Collaboration and communication: Foster teamwork and information sharing among cross-functional teams.
  • Phase-Gate process: Implement a structured stage-gate process for improved project governance.

Absolutely! Triskell Software adapts to your NPD needs, whether big or small. Its flexible configuration and customizable workflows ensure a perfect fit for any project size. No matter the scale,

Triskell Software is your partner in driving innovation, achieving NPD success, and delivering impactful products to the market.

Triskell Software streamlines NPD processes with its comprehensive features, empowering you to achieve unmatched efficiency and timely outcomes.

  • Centralized PPM platform: Consolidate project information and activities in one place, eliminating scattered tools and spreadsheets.
  • Real-time data access: Gain instant access to project information, enabling informed decision-making and swift action.
  • Streamlined workflows: Customize workflows, automate notifications, assignments, and approvals to accelerate project execution and reduce bottlenecks.
  • Resource optimization: Maximize resource allocation, minimize conflicts and bottlenecks, and meet project timelines with our resource management tools.
  • Seamless collaboration: Share project information, collaborate on tasks, and provide real-time feedback with Triskell’s sharing and collaboration tools.
  • Enhanced productivity: Foster effective teamwork, eliminate communication gaps, and boost productivity throughout the NPD process.

Triskell Software empowers efficient project timeline and milestone management during NPD, ensuring teams meet crucial objectives and stay on track.

  • Clear roadmap: Define project timelines, start/end dates, and milestones, providing a transparent roadmap for everyone involved.
  • Visibility and alignment: All stakeholders gain visibility into the project timeline, ensuring alignment and meeting deadlines.
  • Progress monitoring: Intuitive dashboards and visualizations enable easy tracking of progress, identifying bottlenecks, and taking proactive measures.
  • Milestone management: Define and track milestones, set target dates, and assign responsibilities for clear communication and accomplishment of significant project events.
  • Adaptability and flexibility: Triskell allows adjustments and adaptations to the project plan, enabling proactive management of delays or deviations from the timeline.
  • Alignment with objectives: By addressing challenges, revising schedules, and maintaining alignment with project objectives, Triskell Software ensures successful NPD outcomes.

Triskell Software empowers organizations with robust resource allocation and capacity planning for successful NPD projects. Drive project success by optimizing resource allocation with Triskell.

  • Centralized resource management: Effortlessly gather and store resource information in one unified platform, ensuring a comprehensive view of available resources for NPD projects.
  • Capacity planning: Define and track resource capacities to achieve workload balance and prevent bottlenecks or overutilization, optimizing resource allocation throughout the NPD process.
  • Seamless resource assignment: Identify required skills for tasks and projects, and assign the most suitable resources based on availability and capabilities, ensuring the right talent for NPD projects.
  • Real-time visibility: Monitor resource allocations, track utilization, and identify potential conflicts or gaps, enabling informed decisions for well-resourced NPD projects that progress smoothly.

Yes! Triskell Software offers full customization to align perfectly with your Phase-Gate processes, providing you with a tailored solution that reflects your unique requirements and terminology. Experience the power of customization with Triskell.

  • Define stages and gates: Customize the stages and gates of your Phase-Gate process to match your organization’s framework. Set specific criteria, deliverables, and documentation required for each gate.
  • Streamline workflows: Configure workflows and notifications to automate task routing, approvals, and notifications. Ensure the right stakeholders are involved and informed at each stage and gate, boosting efficiency and eliminating bottlenecks.
  • Seamless integration: Integrate Triskell Software with your Phase-Gate methodology seamlessly. Align governance and decision-making processes, ensuring consistent adherence to project protocols.
  • Enhanced project outcomes: By tailoring Triskell Software to your Phase-Gate protocols, you empower your organization to achieve improved project outcomes and successful New Product development.

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