Agility to cope with fast-paced change

Get a clear view of demand management and its impact on business and overall strategy.

A central hub for all incoming demand

Streamline your demand review and evaluation process: project requests, programs, new product development, portfolios, etc. Set up a central hub for managing and prioritizing all incoming demand in accordance with your business strategy.

Simulate market scenarios to improve decision-making

Streamline demand review and evaluation processes in your organization by using the what-if scenario analysis feature, which helps you to improve demand management processes according to your business goals and capacity.

Adaptive portfolio management for uncertain changes

Highly volatile business environments are becoming more and more common. Companies need to react quickly when unforeseen changes arise. Get the capabilities you need to support your current agile portfolio management processes.

Demand Management Key features

Whether you are a Strategy Manager or Strategic Planner, PMO Manager or Project Portfolio Manager, you have all the functionalities at your fingertips in Triskell to ensure that the execution of your strategy is aimed at business success.

Strategic alignment

Focus on the demands that are aligned with the company’s objectives.


Allow Triskell users to prioritize and score all incoming demands.


Give your demand management processes a flexible evaluation process.

Resource Management

Plan Resource management having in mind the incoming demand.

Kanban Boards

Allocate your resources wisely across all transformation program initiatives.

Collaboration tools

Put customers at the center of your demand management processes.

Innovation Management

Capture requests for new ideas, R&D or NPD projects that are aligned with your strategy.

Requests repository

Centralize your demand management hub while allowing users to score their own requests.

Capacity planning

Initiate and prioritize incoming demands based on capacity planning.

Demand management tools for everyone

Demand management affects the entire organization at multiple levels. Thanks to Triskell’s flexibility, those in positions of responsibility in an organization (PMO managers, IT team leaders, CFOs, etc.) have complete oversight of the entire lifecycle of all demand requests that come in.

Having an agile and flexible process for reviewing demand requests and prioritization processes aligned with the organization’s strategic objectives enables PMOs to manage the lifecycle of all demands efficiently.

Triskell for PMO Managers

Many IT teams struggle to manage and prioritize all incoming demand with their limited resources. With Triskell you can define workflows to manage and prioritize all incoming demand based on your organizational needs and available resources.

Triskell for IT Managers

Aligning demand management processes with your organization’s financial capabilities is key to focusing resources on requests that will actually deliver value and not compromise your financial health.

Triskell for Financial Controllers

Give resource managers the right tools to visualize high-priority demand in order to optimize and forecast the organization’s internal resource allocation and workload management processes.

Triskell for Resource Managers

Integrate all your demand management ecosystem

For demand management processes to be efficient, they must be centralized. Triskell offers a set of standard integration tools that can be tailored to your business needs.


Much more than Demand Management tools

Achieve control over business challenges and ensure results by leveraging Triskell solutions to capture, align, and link objectives, initiatives, programs, and portfolios across your entire enterprise.

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Demand Management FAQ

Triskell Software provides robust support for Demand Management, empowering organizations to effectively capture, analyze, and prioritize demand. With streamlined features and data-driven analysis, Triskell ensures that projects align with strategic goals, optimize resource allocation, and drive successful project outcomes.

Its centralized demand intake and evaluation capabilities streamline the process, while visualization and reporting features offer valuable insights for informed decision-making. Triskell Software simplifies demand management, enabling organizations to prioritize projects based on value and strategic alignment.

Triskell Software’s Demand Management solution offers key features that empower organizations to effectively manage and prioritize demand requests. With a centralized demand repository, customizable evaluation and prioritization capabilities, and visualization tools, Triskell ensures that resources are allocated to the most valuable and strategic initiatives. Here are the key features:

  • Centralized demand repository: Capture and store all demand requests in one place for easy access and efficient demand management.
  • Demand evaluation and prioritization: Evaluate demand requests based on predefined criteria and strategic alignment, allowing objective assessment and prioritization of projects.
  • Customizable evaluation frameworks: Define scoring models and criteria to tailor the evaluation process to your organization’s needs.
  • Visualization and reporting tools: Generate reports and dashboards that provide insights into demand metrics, backlog, and prioritization, aiding data-driven decision-making.

Triskell Software excels in assisting organizations with accurate demand forecasting and prediction, enabling them to make strategic decisions about resource allocation and project planning. Here are the key ways it supports forecasting and predicting demand:

  • Integration with historical data and analytics: Capture and analyze historical demand data, identifying patterns and trends to anticipate future demand accurately.
  • Predictive modeling and scenario analysis: Create and evaluate different demand scenarios based on factors like market conditions and customer preferences, allowing proactive resource allocation planning.
  • Collaborative features for stakeholder input: Engage stakeholders in the forecasting process, leveraging their insights and expertise to enhance the accuracy of demand predictions.

Triskell Software equips organizations with powerful tools for demand planning and analysis, enabling them to make informed decisions, allocate resources strategically, and align project portfolios with customer demand and business objectives. Here are the key tools it provides:

  • Demand data visualization and reporting: Generate comprehensive reports and visualizations that offer insights into demand metrics, trends, and patterns.
  • Advanced analytics capabilities: Analyze demand data, including historical patterns and market trends, to gain valuable insights into demand drivers and customer preferences.
  • Collaborative features for cross-functional input: Engage stakeholders from different departments and teams in the demand planning process, leveraging their insights and expertise.

Triskell Software optimizes resource allocation based on demand forecasts. Here’s how it helps:

  • Integration of demand forecasts: Input demand projections and anticipated project requests, providing visibility into future resource needs and facilitating informed decisions about allocation.
  • Resource optimization features: Conduct scenario analysis and “what-if” simulations to evaluate different allocation strategies based on demand forecasts. Identify the most optimal allocation scenarios aligned with strategic objectives and resource constraints.
  • Real-time visibility: Dashboards and reporting capabilities offer real-time visibility into resource availability and utilization. Monitor allocation in relation to forecasted demand, allowing proactive adjustments for efficient resource distribution.

Triskell Software ensures resources are allocated effectively, maximizing project success and aligning resource utilization with demand forecasts.

Triskell Software offers powerful reporting and analytics capabilities for tracking demand performance and trends. Here’s how it supports organizations:

  • Comprehensive reporting: Generate reports on demand volume, fulfillment rate, and forecasting accuracy to assess performance and identify areas for improvement.
  • Advanced analytics: Utilize techniques like trend analysis, segmentation analysis, and correlation analysis to uncover valuable insights and understand customer preferences and market dynamics.
  • Interactive visualizations: Use interactive dashboards and charts to visualize demand trends in real-time, spot emerging patterns, and make proactive decisions.
  • Optimize operations: By tracking demand metrics over time, organizations can monitor trends and make informed decisions to optimize resource allocation and operations.
  • Stay competitive: Anticipate market shifts, adjust resource allocation, and make data-driven decisions to align project portfolios with evolving customer demands and stay ahead in the business landscape.

Triskell Software is highly customizable, providing organizations with the flexibility to align the software with their specific demand management processes and requirements. Here’s how it can be tailored:

  • Extensive configuration: Customize the software’s workflows, approval processes, and data model to align with your organization’s unique demand management practices.
  • Configurable data model: Define your own demand attributes, metrics, and categorizations to capture and track demand data according to your specific terminology and processes.
  • Customizable workflows: Define stages, milestones, and approval rules to enforce your governance and decision-making processes, streamlining demand management and improving collaboration.
  • Personalized user interfaces: Configure the software’s interface to display relevant information, key metrics, and reports specific to your demand management needs, enhancing user experience and accessibility.

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