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Get a PPM software that combines project portfolio management with strategic planning capabilities. Lead enterprise portfolio management towards value delivery.


Why Triskell

Your company is unique, so why would your PPM processes not be? Triskell solutions allow you to capture, align, link objectives, initiatives, programs and portfolios across the entire enterprise to get business challenges under control and ensure results.

Get rid of the jungle of spreadsheets and disconnected tools that overwhelms you when managing strategic planning, portfolios, projects and others.

Strategic and Operational

Strategic Planning, Project & Product Portfolio Management, Resource and Financial Management in one single place.

Flexible & scalable

Adapt and scale to the maturity and needs of your organization at any time, no matter the methodology or framework you are using.

360º vision

Break down silos in your organization and make Triskell the only source of truth for your enterprise portfolio management.


A PPM platform quick and easy to implement and adopt at any company level.

Improve Enterprise Project Portfolio Management with Scorecard views

Improve PPM governance and visibility

Break down silos and centralize and consolidate all PPM information by enabling hybrid work approaches at every level of your organization.

Align your project and product portfolios with the value they bring to the business.

Advanced what-if scenario feature for strategy execution planning.

PPM tools for Agile and non-Agile teams.


Align strategic planning and execution

Get everyone on the same page. Break down your strategic plans into objectives, goals and KPIs, so that the entire organization is aligned with the company’s mission and vision.

Cascade OKRs and SMART goals through your organization.

Balanced scorecards to align strategy planning with execution.

Balance Capacity Planning with incoming demand.

Strategic Portfolio Management - Resource Management

Enterprise Portfolio Management solutions to help
your business meet your goals

Agile Portfolio Management

Scale Agile for enterprise-wide adoption, accelerate your time-to-market response and focus your business towards continuous value delivery.

IT Portfolio Management

Increase IT Portfolio prioritization and visibility. Maximize ROI on IT Budget and prove the value your teams are providing to the business.

New Product Development

Deliver product innovation at scale and increase product portfolio management value by providing agility and flexibility in your R&D initiatives.

Resource Management

Plan and optimize your resource allocation processes by finding the right balance between incoming demand and organizational capacity.

Transformation Program

Continuous prioritization and optimization of programs that demonstrate productivity and cost savings while overcoming change management.

Demand Management

Improve the intake and workflow to facilitate capacity planning and company growth by streamlining your demand management processes.

Financial Management

Monitor cost and performance of all projects and products while aligning investments with business strategy and getting rid of spreadsheets.

Build your own solution

Because each organization is unique, your PPM solution should be too. Get exactly the set of solutions and features your organization needs.

Client Success with Triskell

We are here through all the stages of your journey to offer personalised support to help you achieve your strategic goals.

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You are in good company

See how organizations like yours use the Triskell platform to strategize, align and deliver business outcomes.


Synchronizing IT processes in 7 regions of the world

“Given the complexity of our organization and our level of maturity in PPM processes, we were aware of the difficulty of establishing a very structured and well-defined end-to-end model from the beginning. That is why we chose Triskell, a flexible solution that can easily respond to our changing needs”.

Aurore KAPUR
Head of IS&T Quality & Governance at Sodexo


Optimize innovation portfolio management

“Triskell is a very flexible solution. We have been able to easily adapt it to our needs and processes while respecting project management standards. Its simplicity also allows us to be completely autonomous in the administration of the tool”.

Martha Bié
PMO at Adisseo

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