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Our partner’s network is always ready to help with your PPM implementation projects.

Why work with Triskell’s partners?

Our partners help all organizations to optimize their strategy and project portfolio management processes by taking advantage of all the customization possibilities of the Triskell platform.


Our partners have years of experience in providing PPM consultancy and implementation services to companies of all sizes and industries. Triskell’s flexibility allows them to tailor the software to the needs of the business.


You have partners ready to help you in America, Asia, Europe and Africa. You will receive customer service based on proximity and adapted to the language, culture and peculiarities of your local PPM market.


Our partners provide customized solutions tailored to your expectations and business needs. They offer their experience, skills and services to deliver the PPM solutions you need and to be your trusted consultant.


Triskell’s partners share our values of innovation, customer-centric mindset, friendliness and fairness, which enables us to establish long-term relationships with all of them.

Meet all our partners

Projility helps corporations and public sector organizations achieve savings, build efficiencies, and generate measurable results with projects that exist in challenging and complex environments.

Core skills:

  • Project Portfolio Management.
  • Strategic Portfolio Management.
  • Business Intelligence.

Soluster has managed more than 200 project portfolio management systems to date. Whatever the type of project methodology you are using, Soluster can help you to put in place and optimize your processes.

Core skills:

  • Implementation of project portfolio management systems.
  • Governance best practices and process and KPI definition.
  • Requirements, Solution Design & Validation.

Easis is an independent and committed French consultancy company specialized in Organization governance and Health and social innovation. Our business: “Decide and work differently with digital”.

Core skills:

  • Solutions choice assistance.
  • Governance framework definition.
  • Consulting in Portfolio Management & Governance.
  • Solution integration and deployment.
  • Change Management.
  • Solutions support and (E)PMO.

Oresys assists its clients, ranging from IS department to innovation or marketing directions, in every field of their project: scoping, configuration, dataviz and change management.

Core skills:

  • Business Transformation Project.
  • Project Portfolio Management implementation.
  • Data Intelligence.

e-matica delivers innovative products and services for industrial real-time data management.

Core skills:

  • IT industrial consulting.
  • System & software integration.
  • Application software development.

Amura IT is a technology consulting firm focused on helping organizations in their Digital Transformation processes.

Core skills:

  • Consulting to help companies develop, structure and manage their businesses with innovative solutions.
  • Data analytics and Big Data solutions.
  • Offering a satisfactory customer and business experience, adapted to the new digital era.

Cost House Middle East Africa is a consulting firm specializing in value performance They have strong PPM capabilities and help organizations to define and support PPM methodology and processes.

Core skills:

  • Financial Management.
  • Competitiveness improvement.
  • Operational strategy.

Argain is a consulting firm specialized in project and organization management.

Core skills:

  • Project Management.
  • Operational excellence.
  • System transformation.
  • Management Systems.

NOVEANE is a consulting firm that provides complete and innovative solutions in terms of expertise and management of transformations.

Core skills:

  • Strategic alignment.
  • Business Transformation.

Redsen is a European consulting firm specialized in IT & Digital transformation.

Core skills:

  • CIO Office creation and IT governance plan definition.
  • PPM maturity assessment (People, process & tools).
  • Integration and deployment of Triskell PPM solution.
  • PMO staffing.
  • Project management training (Waterfall and agile).

Would you like to become our partner?

Our partner network keeps growing. If you provide consulting or PPM implementation services and would like to increase your customer network, becoming a Triskell´s partner might be something interesting for you.


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