Plan and manage the transformation of your business

Align, prioritize, execute and track the impact of your transformation programs and initiatives.

Design a detailed transformation strategy

Reorganize to take ownership and accountability of your transformation program. Link all your programs and initiatives to strategic goals, OKRs and KPIs to support your new business vision.

Overcome resistance to change

Manage resistance to change by fostering collaboration and getting all stakeholders on board. Leverage roadmaps, scorecards, Kanban and Scrum boards, and what-if scenario analysis. Discover all the features you can use to manage your transformation program.

Adaptive transformation program management

A transformation program’s objectives may evolve over time. Ensure that the priority and company resources given to program-related projects are adjusted as these objectives change.

Key features for your Transformation Program

Create a roadmap for the transformation of your organization and make the company’s mission and vision a reality.

Master Plans & Roadmap

Plan and track all the milestones of your transformation program initiatives.


Rate all your initiatives and prioritize the most relevant ones.

KPI Tracking

Monitor whether the objectives of your programs are being met.

Reports & Dashboards

Keep all stakeholders informed on the progress of all your projects and initiatives.

Resource Management

Allocate your resources wisely across all transformation program initiatives.

Resource Planning

Plan ahead to allocate resources to the highest priority initiatives.


Establish objectives and key results to track the performance of your change initiatives.

Strategic alignment

Keep business Transformation aligned with the company’s mission.

What-if Scenarios

Manage different scenarios to visualize the impact of possible changes in the Programs.

A transformation program framework for all business roles

A successful transformation program requires the active participation of many stakeholders from all levels of the organization. Transformation leaders, executives, financial controllers, IT managers. Triskell adapts to the needs of any role throughout the transformation program.

Define strategic objectives in an agile way with advanced dashboards. Cascade your strategy planning throughout the organization, ensuring that all departments and people are aligned with your vision and objectives, while breaking down silos.

Triskell for Transformation Leaders

Align your budget planning with the strategic objectives of your transformation program. Get a clear view of the initiatives that cost the company the most money and compare them with the value they add to the overall transformation strategy.

Triskell for Resource Managers

Agile portfolio management requires agile resource planning processes. Apply supply and demand principles so that resource management can be balanced with the organization’s short- and medium-term capacity planning.

Triskell for Financial Controllers

Build a framework for your organization’s transformation program. Run scenario simulations to measure the scope and potential risk consequences, and break down resistance to change on your path to business agility.

Triskell for IT Managers

Integrate all the data of your Transformation Program

Gain complete visibility over every project and initiative associated with your transformation program with Triskell, which offers a number of integrations to keep you informed of the program’s progress at any time.

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