Drive your resources towards value delivery

Transition from manual allocation to streamlined, automated processes for smoother operations and improved productivity.

Smarter use of resources

Put your most valuable resources to work on the projects and products that deliver the most value. Align resource capacity, demand management, running activities and business strategy in order to maximize the ROI of your resources.

Adapt and thrive with Agile Resource Management

Shift your resources in an agile and flexible way in response to unforeseen strategy changes and the prioritization of ongoing initiatives. Whether you need to scale up, scale down, or pivot direction entirely, our resource management tools have got you covered.

Enhance business performance by leveraging capacity planning

Use data-driven insights to intelligently allocate resources based on strategic goals, project requirements and team capabilities. By aligning resources with project demands, you can foster a culture of productivity and ensure optimal utilization of available talent.

Resource and Capacity Planning Key features

Whether you are a Strategy Manager or Strategic Planner, PMO Manager or Project Portfolio Manager, you have all the functionalities at your fingertips in Triskell to ensure that the execution of your strategy is aimed at business success.

Gantt chart

Allocate the right resources to the appropriate projects at the right time.

What-if Analysis

Forecast resource usage and anticipate different management scenarios.

Scrum boards

Balance your backlog with available resources and improve project rate success.

Capacity Planning

Align your resource management processes with capacity planning.


Track the time your resources spend on all your project portfolios.

Collaboration tools

Foster teams collaborations and reduce resource scheduling constraints.

Multi-Project allocation

Improve resource productivity by allocating them to projects that best fit their role and skills.

Resource Planning & Usage

Optimize resource utilization by identifying under- and over-utilized resources.

Role-Based Planning

List all your resources to avoid the lack of relevant skills in your organization.

The best resource and capacity  management software for your needs

Thanks to its flexibility and scalability, the Triskell platform can be adapted to different roles and levels within your organization. From executives to PMO and project managers, Triskell’s resource management and capacity planning features can benefit everyone.

Get real-time visibility into strategy execution by ensuring that your most valuable resources are working on the initiatives that will bring the most value to the organization. See how each resource contributes to the overall strategy.

Triskell for Strategy Managers

Are there teams and resources in your organizations that are always in demand across several projects? Gain real-time visibility into your current resource capacity, demand and availability.

Triskell for PMO Managers

Resource managers and executives can optimize enterprise productivity while taking a long-term look at demand and building the right teams for the future.

Triskell for Executives

Triskell provides a centralized location for monitoring project-related resources, deadlines, budgets and expenses. Easily compare estimates versus actuals and reduce the risk of running over budget or missing deadlines.

Triskell for Project Managers


Integrate all Resource and Capacity Planning tools in one place

To get the most out of your resources and foster collaboration and communication at all levels, it is essential that your PPM solution for Resource Management is integrated with the rest of the applications in your organization’s IT ecosystem.

You are in good company

See how organizations like yours use the Triskell platform to strategize, align and deliver business outcomes.


A capacity planning is now possible

“Thanks to Triskell, we now have visibility over the entire portfolio of Cora informatique’s activities. This visibility allows us to make projections that were impossible before. In terms of capacity planning, for example, thanks to information comparing the capacity needed and the capacity available”.

PMOE at Cora


Much more than Resource Management and Capacity  Planning software

Triskell solutions offer the capability to capture, align, and establish linkages between objectives, initiatives, programs, and portfolios enterprise-wide, allowing you to effectively address business challenges and deliver impactful outcomes.

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Resource and Capacity Planning FAQ

Resource Management is crucial in Project Portfolio Management for maximizing efficiency and achieving project success. Here’s why:

  • Informed resource allocation: Understand available resources, skills, and availability to strategically assign resources based on project requirements and priorities. This ensures optimal resource utilization and equips projects with the necessary expertise for success.
  • Proactive issue resolution: Identify bottlenecks or conflicts early on and make proactive adjustments to keep projects on track. Resource Management facilitates timely interventions, ensuring smooth project execution and minimizing disruptions.
  • Optimal resource usage: Prevent overallocation or underutilization of resources. Balancing workloads, avoiding shortages or surpluses, and optimizing resource utilization leads to enhanced project outcomes, resource efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Effective Resource Management in Project Portfolio Management drives productivity, improves project delivery timelines, and maximizes the utilization of available resources, ultimately leading to successful project outcomes.

Triskell Software empowers organizations with robust support for Resource Management and Capacity Planning in project portfolios. Its features ensure efficient resource allocation, optimal utilization, and effective capacity planning.

  • Centralize resource data: Triskell Software consolidates resource details like availability, skills, and workload in a centralized repository. This holistic view enables decision-makers to match the right resources to projects, facilitating efficient allocation.
  • Manage resource capacities: Triskell Software allows organizations to define and monitor resource capacities, preventing overallocation or underutilization. Visual dashboards and reports provide insights for informed decision-making and capacity planning.
  • Schedule resources and manage workloads: Triskell Software provides advanced features for resource scheduling and workload management. Create calendars, assign resources to tasks, and track real-time utilization. Identify bottlenecks and balance workloads for optimized resource allocation and capacity planning.

Triskell Software optimizes resource allocation and utilization in project portfolios, enabling organizations to achieve project success through efficient resource management.

  • Centralized resource management: Triskell Software’s unified repository allows organizations to store and manage resource information. Decision-makers gain a comprehensive view of skills, availability, and workload, ensuring informed resource assignments that match project requirements.
  • Advanced scheduling and workload management: Triskell Software provides features for resource scheduling, workload balancing, and real-time utilization tracking. Project managers can optimize resource allocation, identify bottlenecks, and make timely adjustments to enhance project performance and meet deadlines.
  • Insights through visual dashboards and reports: Triskell Software offers valuable insights into resource utilization and capacity. Reports highlight underutilized or overutilized resources, empowering organizations to make data-driven decisions, optimize allocation, improve efficiency, and maximize productivity.

Triskell Software optimizes resource availability and skills management, driving project success and maximizing resource potential.

  • Centralized resource repository: Store and manage vital resource information in one place, including availability, skills, certifications, and experience.
  • Real-time availability tracking: Monitor resource availability in real-time, avoiding overbooking or double-booking.
  • Skill tracking and management: Create a skills matrix to define and monitor resource skills, facilitating well-informed decisions on resource allocation.
  • Reporting and visualization: Gain insights into resource availability and skill gaps through comprehensive reporting and visualization tools.

Triskell Software efficiently resolves resource conflicts and bottlenecks, ensuring smooth project execution and timely delivery.

  • Real-time visibility: Centralize resource information to identify overallocation or double-booking in real-time.
  • Resource scheduling: Create calendars, assign resources, and track utilization to balance workloads and detect bottlenecks.
  • Proactive conflict resolution: Early detection enables prompt measures such as resource reallocation or timeline adjustments.
  • Reporting and visualization: Gain insights through reports and dashboards to analyze utilization and identify conflicts.

Triskell Software delivers robust reporting and analytics for resource performance and utilization, empowering organizations to make data-driven decisions for project success.

  • Comprehensive insights: Gain visibility into resource performance and utilization with pre-built reports and customizable dashboards.
  • Key metrics and indicators: Analyze resource utilization rates, workload distribution, and project allocation to assess effectiveness and identify imbalances.
  • Historical analysis: Track resource performance over time, identify patterns, and uncover potential bottlenecks for continuous improvement.
  • Advanced analytics: Leverage data visualization, predictive algorithms, and forecasting to optimize resource allocation and proactively address risks and capacity constraints.

Triskell Software offers flexible and personalized pricing options for its Resource Management solution, designed to meet the unique needs of organizations.The pricing structure of Triskell Software’s Resource Management solution takes into account factors such as the organization’s size, resource management requirements, and desired functionality.

Contact us to discuss your needs and receive a personalized quote that fits your organization’s requirements.

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