Customized PPM solutions for your business needs

Configure Triskell’s PPM platform in your own way by choosing the solutions and functionalities you need on demand.

PPM solutions for all company levels

Thanks to its flexibility, Triskell can be tailored to the specific goals and needs of the various roles in your organization. Executives, strategy managers, PMO managers, resource managers and financial controllers, to name a few, can all benefit from Triskell.

Executives and CIOs

Increase operational efficiency and drive growth.

Strategy Managers

Put strategy planning and execution on the same page.

Transformation leaders

A complete and flexible framework for transformation leaders.

Resource Managers

Plan your resources by balancing demand and capacity.

PMO Managers

Streamline PMO processes for better portfolio decisions.

IT Managers

Align IT initiatives and investments with business goals.

Financial controllers

Optimize portfolio funding for greater profits.

Project Managers

Standardize project management processes and tools.


Improve collaboration and adoption by empowering teams and people.

Ready to embrace the benefits of our enterprise portfolio management platform?