Unique PPM platform for your unique business

Optimize your Project Portfolio Management solution by making it work the way you want with the most flexible PPM platform.


PPM platform with the solutions your company needs

As your business is unique, the PPM platform you need should be too. With the Triskell platform, you can set up your own business process management systems and applications. Tailor, change or extend the functional coverage of our defined solutions to perfectly match your organization’s needs.

Agile and non-Agile features to meet your goals

We know that Agile and Waterfall approaches must coexist, so it doesn’t matter which governance framework you use. The Triskell platform has features for any type of project, product, methodology or workflow. Model your own PPM system and put strategy planning and execution under the same umbrella.

A PPM platform that combines flexibility, simplicity and security

Get total flexibility to set up as many business items as your organization requires. Create projects, products, tasks, deliverables, departments or teams in just a few clicks in a centralized system where you can control who has access to what information and keep track of information flow and data access.


Triskell PPM Platform Integrations

System integration is key to keeping all portfolio data in one centralized place and to breaking down organizational silos. Triskell provides a set of standard integration tools tailored to your business needs that support any type of technology or solution you choose when setting up the platform.

Discover all the solutions of Triskell’s PPM platform

Strategic Portfolio Management

Break down your strategic plans into objectives, OKRs and KPIs and ensure that resource management, financial management and project or product prioritization are aligned with the company’s mission and vision.

Project Portfolio Management

Gain full visibility over all your project portfolio data. Align all your initiatives with your organization’s strategic objectives while improving the productivity and collaboration of your resources with the most flexible PPM platform on the market.

Agile Portfolio Management

Scale Agile beyond your IT and development teams. Plan and monitor the execution of your strategy in real time and prioritize your initiatives as the organization’s objectives evolve. Put all your teams to work towards continuous value delivery.

IT Portfolio Management

Align your IT initiatives with your business strategy and improve your performance with an integrated demand pipeline, planning and budgeting, risk management, reporting, and forecasting capabilities to support the execution of your strategy.

New Product Development

Maximize the performance of your R&D and new product development projects while ensuring increased alignment with your business strategy and optimizing your processes and workflows across the entire product roadmap.

Resource Management

Align resource management with business strategy by improving your capacity planning forecasting processes. Get a clear view of all your resources and how their skills will help you cope with your organization’s incoming demand.

Transformation Program

Align, prioritize, execute and track the impact of your business transformation programs and initiatives. Define and disseminate your transformation strategy at all levels of the business by overcoming change management and ensuring acceptance.

Demand Management

Leverage the centralized demand management system to select project initiatives that best fit your organization’s strategic objectives. Streamline demand review and evaluation processes based on your business needs.

Financial Management

Manage your enterprise portfolio with real-time financial performance overviews and breakdowns. Get clear information related to your budgeting requirements, funding decisions and expected benefits from investments, products and projects.

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