Take total control
over budgets and project financials

Gain a complete view of your financial landscape to make informed decisions and mitigate risks effectively.

Optimize project financials
to maximize ROI

Integrate long-range plans into your annual budgeting process for greater efficiency and profitability. With comprehensive resource forecasting and capacity planning capabilities, you can make informed decisions that align with your strategic objectives and financial goals.

Streamline budget allocation and tracking

one are the days of cumbersome spreadsheets and manual data entry. Triskell Software automates budget allocation and tracking, ensuring every dollar is accounted for and utilized efficiently. Easily allocate resources, monitor spending in real-time, and anticipate financial bottlenecks before they occur.

Real-time financial reporting at your fingertips

Cost reduction scenario in Triskell

Elevate your project financial management to new heights. Stay ahead of the curve with predictive analytics, customizable dashboards and comprehensive financial reporting. Transform your projects into success stories and leave your competitors behind.

The best Financial Management capabilities for your PPM processes

Plan, manage and monitor your financial management processes of your project portfolios and keep your investment and cost policies aligned with the corporation’s strategy.

Strategic Financing

Align financial management processes with strategic planning.

What-if Analysis

Simulate different scenarios to anticipate the financing of projects and programs.


Track the time and cost of your resources in your portfolios.

Budget & Cost Tracking

Monitor financial performance to improve the profitability of your portfolios.

Reports & Dashboards

Report on the evolution of objectives and KPIs to the company’s management.

Forecasting and Financial target

Forecast the financial costs of each project and the expected ROI.

Adaptive Financial Management

Quickly adapt financings as portfolio priorities evolve.


Ensure proper categorization and alignment of CAPEX and OPEX.

Investment analysis

Get a full picture of the projects and programs that have the best financial metrics.

Project budgeting and Financial management tools for all

Well-handled financial management is key not only for the sustainability of organizations, but also for the achievement of their strategic objectives. How a business financially manages its project portfolio must be in line with its mission and vision.

Increase the alignment between portfolio funding and enterprise goals and objectives by linking operational and financial planning. Plan investments by considering different plans, strategies and incoming demands to optimize business performance.

Triskell for Financial Controllers

Get the right tools to determine the real costs of your projects and portfolios. Know the details of your budgets and expenses for all initiatives. Ensure efficient financial reporting of estimates versus actuals to make sure the organization stays in line with its corporate financial goals.

Triskell for Executives

Focus on mid- and long-terms goals rather than operational delivery. Create and manage smart KPIs with Triskell so that strategy managers can track overall strategy contributions and benefits across the board, keeping financial management focused on value delivery.

Triskell for Strategy Managers

See how much time and money have been spent on your projects, programs and portfolios in real time, thus mitigating the risk of running over budget and/or missing deadlines. This visibility gives you the power to make better decisions and communicate more efficiently.

Triskell for PMO Managers

Integrate with the financial management tools you already use

Triskell makes it possible to integrate solid financial management processes with financial systems (ERP), including SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics, to enable chargeback processes and financial reconciliation.

You are in good company

See how organizations like yours use the Triskell platform to strategize, align and deliver business outcomes.


“We use Triskell to manage our CAPEX investment portfolio within the engineering and maintenance department of the Monthey site. The vision of key milestones, expenses (Rolling Forecast), time spent and KPIs is efficient. Triskell’s flexibility allows us to align the tool with our new needs.”

Benoit Chaslin
PMO at Syngenta


“The NZTC audience was impressed by the powerful features and “no-code” adaptability of the software, which provides the most suitable feature to handle financial data.”

Alex McDonald
Digital Transformation Lead at NZTC


Much more than project financial management software

Gain control over business challenges and drive results by utilizing Triskell solutions to capture, align, and connect objectives, initiatives, programs, and portfolios across your entire enterprise.

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Project Financial Management FAQ

Triskell Software supports Financial Management through:

  • Comprehensive financial tracking and analysis tools for monitoring project budgets, expenses, and financial performance.
  • Streamlined financial planning with accurate financial plans, forecasts, and scenarios.
  • Seamless integration with financial systems and tools for centralized and up-to-date financial information.
  • Powerful financial reporting and analytics features for visualizing financial data and gaining actionable insights.

With Triskell Software, you can optimize financial resources, make informed financial decisions, and drive financial success within your organization.

  1. Budgeting and cost Tracking: Create and manage project budgets, track costs, and monitor financial performance.
  2. Financial analysis and forecasting: Conduct ROI, NPV, and cost-benefit analyses. Use forecasting features for proactive financial planning and risk management.
  3. Resource financial management: Track resource costs, optimize utilization, and ensure accurate financial reporting.
  4. Financial reporting and dashboards: Generate comprehensive reports and customizable dashboards. Access real-time financial data and key performance indicators.

Our software ensures financial stability and success through streamlined budget management, accurate financial forecasting, real-time visibility and control, and risk identification and opportunity optimization.

  • Seamless budget management: Easily create, allocate, and track project budgets in real-time for proactive cost management.
  • Accurate financial forecasting: Leverage historical data to generate reliable revenue projections, cost estimates, and cash flow predictions.
  • Real-time visibility and control: Monitor project costs, track budget deviations, and take corrective actions promptly.
  • Risk identification and opportunity optimization: Identify risks and opportunities through comprehensive financial forecasts and make proactive adjustments.

With Triskell Software, you’ll experience enhanced financial control, improved decision-making, and better overall performance.

  • Comprehensive financial planning: Create detailed financial plans, considering revenue projections, cost estimates, resource allocations, and investment strategies.
  • Strategic decision-making: Simulate multiple financial scenarios to assess project viability and identify optimal approaches.
  • Robust financial analysis: Evaluate project and portfolio performance using metrics like ROI, NPV, profitability, and cost-benefit ratios.
  • Real-time cost tracking: Monitor actual expenses versus planned budget, enabling accurate variance analysis.
  • Customizable dashboards & reports: Gain visibility into financial performance at all levels, from individual projects to the entire portfolio.

Triskell Software empowers organizations with comprehensive features to effortlessly track and manage project and program costs and expenses. Our software provides a centralized platform that ensures cost visibility and control, enabling informed decisions, optimized resource allocation, and on-budget project delivery.

  • Streamlined cost tracking: Capture, monitor, and analyze cost-related information throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Granular cost breakdown: Categorize costs by activities, tasks, resources, or cost types for a detailed expense overview.
  • Real-time monitoring: Input actual costs, track committed costs, and estimate future costs for proactive expenditure management.
  • Integration and automation: Seamlessly integrate financial data from various sources for accurate and up-to-date cost tracking.
  • Powerful reporting and analytics: Generate cost-related reports, visualizations, and dashboards for insights into cost performance, trends, and drivers.

Triskell Software empowers organizations with robust analytics capabilities to gain deep insights into financial performance and profitability. With our software, you can assess project and portfolio financial health, identify profitability drivers, and make data-driven decisions that fuel success.

  • Comprehensive financial metrics: Track and analyze key indicators such as ROI, NPV, profitability ratios, and revenue growth for a holistic view of financial performance.
  • Visualize data and trends: Customizable dashboards and reports allow you to visualize financial data and trends, facilitating quick and informed decision-making.
  • Advanced financial analysis: Leverage historical data and conduct what-if scenarios to simulate different financial scenarios, evaluate profitability drivers, and optimize resource allocation.

Triskell Software customizes financial management to match your needs:

  • Flexible configuration: Tailor the software to align with your financial planning, budgeting, cost tracking, and analysis workflows. Customize terminology, hierarchies, and reporting structures.
  • Seamless integration: Integrate external data sources like accounting systems or ERP solutions, leveraging existing financial data within Triskell Software.
  • Personalized financial management: Create a customized solution that optimizes processes, improves accuracy, and provides tailored insights for informed decision-making.

With Triskell Software, achieve effective financial management that aligns with your specific processes and requirements, driving success and maximizing financial performance.

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