Make your strategic plans a reality

Get the big picture of strategic planning and execution, and ensure every initiative align with your overarching goals.

Align project and product portfolios with business goals

Ensure that all aspects of your strategy are aligned with your organization’s overall objectives. From strategic alignment to resource optimization, gain the ability to execute your strategy with precision and efficiency, turning vision into reality.

Strategic resource allocation to maximize business value

Prioritize initiatives that deliver the highest business value, ensuring that every investment contributes to long-term success. By focusing your resources on activities that align with your strategic objectives, you can maximize ROI and drive meaningful outcomes for your organization.

Streamlined, real-time strategic planning

Centralize all aspects of the strategic planning process, from setting goals to tracking the performance of project portfolios, in one intuitive interface. With powerful features and customizable workflows, you get all the tools  to succeed in today’s competitive landscape

Key features of Strategic Portfolio Management software

Whether you are a Strategy Manager or Strategic Planner, PMO Manager or Project Portfolio Manager, you have all the functionalities at your fingertips in Triskell to ensure that the execution of your strategy is aimed at business success.

Strategic Planning

Draw up a detailed plan to achieve your strategic objectives.

What-if Analysis

Plan in advance all decisions related to the execution of your strategic portfolios.


Evaluate all your initiatives against your organization’s objectives.

Master Plans & Roadmap

Have a clear roadmap and milestones for the execution of your strategy.

Financial Management

Control the budget and expense items of all your portfolios.

Demand Management

Measure the volume of demand you can deal with to achieve your objectives.


Break down the company’s mission and vision into objectives and key results.

Strategic Portfolio Analytics

Align strategy and execution by prioritizing the most important projects and programs.

Capacity Planning

Compare incoming demand with the organization’s ability to manage it.


The best strategic planning  solution
for your operational needs


Thanks to its flexibility and scalability, the Triskell platform can be adapted to different roles and levels within the organization. From executives to PMO and strategy managers, Triskell’s strategic portfolio management features can benefit everyone.

Bridge the gap between strategy and execution and get rid of complex and time-consuming spreadsheets by easily tracking benefits and ensuring powerful goal definition and cascading with one single tool.

Triskell for Strategy Managers

Make the PMO the entity that arbitrates prioritization and decision-making when executing the organization’s strategy. Optimize your portfolio roadmaps and financial and resource management and align them with your business objectives.

Triskell for PMO Managers

Simplify long-range planning and budgeting while integrating long-range plans into the annual budgeting process for greater efficiency. Triskell also helps to coordinate and increase performance efforts between finance and business units.

Triskell for Financial Controllers

Avoid information gaps and encourage collaboration and PPM adoption among all your teams and individuals. Keep all stakeholders informed and involve them in decision-making processes throughout your strategy and execution.

Triskell for Stakeholders
Cost reduction scenario in Triskell

Integrate with the tools you already use

Achieving your strategic objectives requires integrated systems that can effectively cascade these goals throughout the organization while also improving collaboration and communication. Triskell offers a set of standard integration tools that can be tailored to your business needs.

You are in good company


“The flexibility of Triskell has allowed us to define our strategic plans in full accordance with our processes”.

Gabriele Mazzi
CFO at Banfi


Much more than a Strategic Portfolio Management software

With Triskell solutions, you can capture, align, and link objectives, initiatives, programs, and portfolios throughout your entire enterprise, gaining control over business challenges and guaranteeing results.

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Strategic Planning software FAQ

Strategic Planning is the foundation of Project Portfolio Management (PPM). It sets the strategic direction by establishing the organization’s vision and long-term goals.

PPM, on the other hand, operationalizes this direction by selecting and prioritizing projects that align with the strategic objectives.

In summary, Strategic Planning guides the selection process, while PPM handles the execution, ensuring that projects contribute to the organization’s overall strategic success.

PPM software is designed to effectively manage individual projects within a portfolio. It offers features for project execution, tracking, and overall project management. Its primary focus is to ensure timely project delivery while adhering to budgetary constraints.

On the other hand, Strategic Planning software serves a different purpose. It concentrates on the strategic aspects of portfolio management, specifically aligning projects with the organization’s goals. This software aids in decision-making related to project selection, prioritization, and resource allocation. Its primary objective is to optimize the portfolio’s value and support the achievement of strategic objectives.

  • Strategic planning: Define goals and establish a clear strategic direction.
  • Project evaluation and selection: Assess proposals against strategic criteria.
  • Resource planning and allocation: Optimize resource allocation based on strategic priorities.
  • Financial planning: Manage budgets, estimate costs, and monitor financial performance.
  • Risk management: Identify, assess, and mitigate risks for project success.
  • Scenario planning: Evaluate different scenarios for informed decision-making.

These tools empower organizations to develop effective strategies, align projects with goals, and optimize portfolio performance.

  1. Strategic alignment: Align projects with strategic goals for long-term success and competitive advantage.
  2. Portfolio optimization: Maximize value by selecting the right mix of projects based on criteria like financial return and risk assessment.
  3. Resource management: Optimize resource allocation to support strategic objectives and ensure efficient utilization.
  4. Risk management: Identify, assess, and mitigate project risks to increase chances of successful delivery.
  5. Performance monitoring and governance: Track project performance, establish metrics, and ensure proactive decision-making.

Strategic Planning software is a powerful tool that helps organizations develop and execute effective strategies. It aligns projects with strategic goals, optimizes resources, and enables informed decision-making for long-term success.

With this solution, organizations can enhance resource utilization, prioritize projects based on strategic objectives, and drive strategic success.

We offer a flexible pricing structure for our Strategic Portfolio Planning solutions, designed to cater to your organization’s unique needs.

Pricing varies based on factors like user count, portfolio scale, and chosen features. Contact us to discuss your requirements and receive a customized quote that fits your budget and objectives.

Yes, we have a dedicated support team ready to assist you with any technical issues or questions.

Furthermore, we continuously improve our software with updates and new features based on user feedback, ensuring an enhanced user experience.

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