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Triskell Product Overview – Enterprise Portfolio Management

Triskell is the only PPM solution combining comprehensive Strategic Planning and Project Portfolio Management. Triskell is built to let each organization define its own KPIs and indicators to match users and managers expectations.

Triskell Platform

Digital and Agile Transition in your Hands. Get the most from your Portfolio platform by making it work the way you want. Triskell allows you to create your own business process management system and applications. This will allow you to manage and control all your portfolios. You will be able to modify, extend and adapt the functional coverage of our predefined solutions to perfectly match your needs. Support your business needs and strategies for today and tomorrow.

Triskell PPM – SaaS Enterprise Project Portfolio Management software

Extremely Flexible & Easy to Use PPM Software. Increase Visibility, Monitor Progress, Provide visibility for Executives. Triskell’s top-down approach to Enterprise Project Portfolio Management ensures that PMOs and Executives have the right tools.

Triskell SPM – Strategic Portfolio Management

Align company strategy and project execution across multiple portfolios. Because Triskell is so flexible, simple and comprehensive, it can support the complete strategy execution cycle. No matter how you define your company goals or strategic planning, Triskell will support the entire process.

Triskell Software – Scaled Agile and Bi-Modal Portfolio Management

Triskell links and integrates heterogeneous portfolios, breaks down barriers and integrates portfolios: Strategy Definition Framework, Waterfall PM & PPM, Scaled Agile Portfolios, Scrum for Dev Team, Non Agile based Demand Management, Operation-Run. Combine all your Governance, Portfolio and Resource and Budget Management in one single place.

Triskell Software – KPI Heads up

Visibility and Transparency for better Business Outcomes. Triskell KPI allows you to define and manage the necessary indicators at each level of the organization. You keep control of all your portfolios and identify risks at an early stage. using the relevant KPIs. These KPIs are defined by you according to your management needs, and in terms of both granularity and time-phasing.

Triskell REM – Resource Management

Get the best of your most valuable asset: your teams. Combine as many different approaches as you want in a single system and get a global overview of resource demand and usage. With Triskell it is easy to align resource capacity, demand, running activities and business strategy in order to maximize the ROI of your most important asset, your resources.

Triskell – Financial Management on top of Microsoft Project

A video introduction of how to use Microsoft Project with Triskell. Triskell is a top-down strategic execution management and a bottom-up portfolio management platform. It has Gantt and SCRUM features for detail planning but it also can be easily integrated with Microsoft Project and other tools as Excel.

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