Corporate governance: 12 entities of the Crédit Agricole Group already benefit from the Triskell Software solution

by Patrick Lebreton

The Crédit Agricole Group has certified Triskell Software’s governance solution for the management and monitoring of its strategic initiatives.

Triskell Software, a software publisher specialized in agile corporate governance solutions, has been selected by the Crédit Agricole Group to be deployed within its various entities and subsidiaries, in France and internationally.

The Crédit Agricole Group, a major European player in the field of banking and insurance, currently has nearly 142,000 employees worldwide. Within its various brands and subsidiaries, 8,000 IT specialists ensure the proper management of IT services and identify the most appropriate solutions for their employees. This is particularly the case for the Application Convergence teams, whose mission is to identify and certify software in the Group Catalog so that employees can use the same tools. Triskell Software solution has thus been labeled in this catalog two years after its first use by the first entities.

A governance solution to provide senior management with an overview of ongoing projects within the Group

The Triskell Software solution was chosen for its ability to provide Corporate Management with a unique visibility on the strategic actions in progress within the group’s enterprises. It also allows the managers of these large projects to easily manage them in real time and to generate clear and precise reports.

Nowadays, 12 companies of the group have adopted the Triskell Software solution, representing a total of nearly 9,200 users. It is used, among other things, by the CA-GIP entity, which manages nearly 80% of the group’s IT production resources, to measure the time spent on various projects and allocate the required resources accordingly.

Attentiveness and availability of the publisher welcomed by Crédit Agricole

Internal regulations of the group imposed a regular audit of the solution by certain entities in order to anticipate and detect the presence of flaws (solution in SaaS mode). Remediation plans have been put in place by Triskell to correct the solution as soon as possible. A differentiating point for the Crédit Agricole Group, which allowed for the successful deployment of the software.

An evolution of the interface was carried out following this feedback, demonstrating the responsiveness of the Triskell Software teams. This agility and flexibility reinforce teams satisfaction with the solution. Moreover, the capacity to open up to third-party solutions allows the Triskell Software solution to be integrated with existing tools already adopted by the Crédit Agricole Group.

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