How does La Française Des Jeux manage its business roadmap using Triskell Software?

Triskell Software is a SaaS platform for initiative management and agile corporate governance. It is a very flexible and adaptable SaaS application to standardize the management of our strategic and operational processes.
La Française Des Jeux turned to Triskell to optimize the governance and management of its business roadmap.

Interview on the experience of the Française des Jeux on the implementation of Triskell Software

Jérôme Chow Wing Bom and Carole Devillierre FDJ PMO Entreprise

What are the advantages that Triskell has brought to the management at FDJ?

Jérôme Chow Wing Bom: “After a first POC (Proof of Concept) which was not conclusive a few years ago, the group decided in 2019 to relaunch the project. We wanted to try to respond in the best way to all the requests which had been received to incorporate a governance tool in our processes. We did not hesitate to choose Triskell Software, which had been evaluated for the POC at that time and met all the criteria”. ​
“We especially wanted an evolutionary approach that would allow us to develop the delivered solution based on feedback from the diverse business needs of parts of our organization”.

What was at stake with this tool change?

J.C.W.B.: “Our challenges were at the level of resource management and budget at the company level: ensuring that we have the capacity to act, knowing that we have the adequate resources to deliver this roadmap and ensuring better budget management with a vision of business costs”.

What are the advantages of Triskell in your context?

J.C.W.B.: “Usability was the most appreciated point Triskell’s user experience was clearly superior to our old tool. Triskell allows us to have a common vision within the company between the IT and the business departments. It makes it possible to know which IT department contributes to a project and we can also easily know which project of the company roadmap my department contributes to.

We have an end-to-end process to generate the CRAs (activity reports) and a real-time view of the time record for all stakeholders: CIO, business, external contributors and administrative. We also appreciate the multi-year vision, the reports in Excel format, and the connection to Power BI.

The success of the implementation is reflected in that more and more areas are interested in the project”.

Triskell is a service that offers predefined solutions – implementation accelerators – with the ability to adapt to each specific business need and each of its business units.

Jérôme Chow Wing Bom


What are the reasons that led you not to establish an approval management of the timesheets?

Carole Devillierre: This approval management of the timesheets that were already used in our previous tool brought little added value, was quite heavy, inefficient or even counterproductive.
So we have changed the process to remove this validation, of course in Triskell. It is also a cultural change. The goal is to hold contributors and project managers accountable for the quality of the data entered. This is an undeniable time saver and our closing process ensures a high entry rate without this layer of validation.

How was the project and the implementation of the tool?

C.D.: “The project was quite intense and within a tight 4-month timeframe. We worked a lot on scoping during the design phase by involving key stakeholders in each workshop. Each workshop generated its set of questions that had to be dealt with quickly to introduce them before going into production in January 2020. We were very receptive in responding to the various points raised by users that were often linked to our changes in portfolio structuring. We went from 150 to 60 projects in the portfolio. In addition to the tool change, it was necessary to take into account the evolution of the company’s roadmap management.

After a year everyone agrees in the company that it is a success and everyone is satisfied”.

Triskell is a collaborative management tool that supports decision-making and fully adapts to business processes. To better support its clients in the implementation of the tool, Triskell Software offers support and training services directly with its employees or its implementation consulting partners

Some figures, Triskell in the context of FDJ

  • 670 Triskell users.
  • 60 projects on the Company’s roadmap.
  • 20 training sessions given at launch.
  • 9 Triskell cafes organized for users.
  • 1 tool administrator.

Carole Devillierre


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