How Triskell is helping NZCT manage its project portfolio

If managing R&D projects is already complex, doing it without the right management tools is even more so. Not only is there no real-time visibility of the status of ongoing initiatives, but it is impossible to have a global vision of aspects such as financial management, fund allocation or resource management.

Our client, Net Zero Technology Centre, was facing these and other challenges until they chose Triskell Software as their PPM tool. In this case study we explain, with Alex McDonald and Myrtle Dawes, Digital Transformation Lead and Solution Center Director at NZTC respectively, what were the challenges they were facing when it came to managing their Project Portfolio and how Triskell is helping them to solve them.

Company: Net Zero Technology Centre

Founded in 2017, Net Zero Technology Centre is an organization based in Aberdeen, UK. Their mission is to accelerate the development and deployment of technologies that will help achieve the goal of zero net carbon emissions by 2050.

For this purpose, it collaborates with different public and private institutions by financing R&D projects and promoting investments for the development of low-carbon technologies or renewable energies. The objective is to provide a space for collaboration and innovation in which Governments, industries and academic institutions can contribute to helping the UK reduce carbon emissions.

Some key figures from Net Zero Technology Centre:


From very early on, the need for PPM software to manage all project portfolios became evident. As Alex McDonald recalls: “We had no integrated solution, projects were mainly managed through Excel spreadsheets. This led to us not being able to properly track project execution”.

Therefore, the lack of a centralized PPM solution led to all these issues:

  • Lack of a global vision of the Project Portfolio.
  • No automated processes.
  • Poor data management, which caused problems in accurately reporting the status, schedule or financial ‘health’ of projects.
  • Lack of real-time visibility of the status of each of the projects and initiatives.
  • Time and resource-consuming reporting.

As the number and size of projects grew, the need to have a PPM software became imperative. However, as Alex McDonald explains, other reasons for needing a PPM solution were to “have better control over the use of project funds, and also to optimize both Resource Management and the use of resources”.

Why Triskell Software?

After analyzing and comparing different options in the market, Net Zero Technology Centre chose Triskell Software over all other choices in April 2021.

And, as Myrtle Dawes explains, “Triskell impressed us because of all the functionalities it includes, especially its Financial Management capabilities, and the ‘no-code’ adaptability of the software. Its technology is recent, its look&feel is modern, and the user interface offers great ergonomics”.


The adaptability and flexibility of Triskell’s platform made the implementation process satisfactory for all parties. Following a pragmatic and Agile approach, the implementation of an MVP took just under 6 months, including the review of internal processes, the configuration of the solution and its integration into Net Zero Technology Centre’s applications ecosystem (especially the integration with Microsoft Dynamics).

Of these months, Alex McDonald fondly recalls “the short time it took to finalize the MVP.” And he continues: “During the process, the consultant in charge of the implementation provided us with clear and firm guidelines, best practices and very good support. Without his expertise, the project would not have been possible.

Benefits of Triskell

To date, Triskell Software’s solution is having a great acceptance at Net Zero Technology Centre. Around 50 Project Owners within the company manage and monitor the projects launched by around a hundred technology developers, including:

  • Major oil and gas companies.
  • Start-ups.
  • Universities.
  • Government agencies.

The main reason for this high level of acceptance of Triskell is due, as Myrtle Dawes states, to all the benefits that the tool has brought with it: “We now have all the data in one place, which gives us full visibility into the activity. Triskell allows us to formalize processes and improve both reporting and project execution and delivery.”

Final assessment

This success story with Net Zero Technology Centre is just one more example of how Triskell Software’s PPM solutions fit the needs of organizations focused on R&D Project Management. It is an “all-in-one” solution that allows us to address all the challenges of this type of initiative, from Financial Management, Resource Allocation or Risk Management, without ever losing the focus of the overall strategic vision.

Its flexibility and scalability make it the ideal tool for both R&D Project Management and New Product Development in any organization.

Company Overview

Gas & Oil


Public / Private



Business Challenges

Project management done with Excel spreadsheets.

No real-time visibility.

Time-consuming reporting.

Improve control on funding utilization.

Optimize resource utilization and management.

Implementation time

Less than 6 months


Real-time visibility.

Standardized processes.

Centralized data.

Timesheeting saves time and gives visibility.

Project execution & delivery is facilitated.

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