Triskell Software in partnership with KFA

The company KFA, located in Beirut, Lebanon, becomes the first distributor of the PPM – Portfolio & Project Management – Triskell solution for Middle East countries.

KFA Director Khalil Abdelnour declares: « With twenty years of experience in Project management in France and in the Middle East, I was involved in Triskell implementation projects in France. I am convinced that Triskell is the ideal solution for our customers’ needs in terms of project management, and with my partners, we decided to propose Triskell’s PPM/EPM offer in the Middle East. KFA relies on a network of partners: software publishers, consulting firms in project management and IT service companies located in the Middle East and covering several business areas”.


KFA Associate Manager Joseph Salameh, living in Beirut adds: « On the first Triskell demos, we saw the strength and the flexibility of such a solution. Our customers’ needs are more and more demanding and implementation time is often short. Triskell manages perfectly these needs and constraints».

On the other hand, Triskell Software decided to take a significant new step in its development. After signing a partnership in 2016 with a Swiss distributor for the German-speaking countries, the company’s strategy is now to speed up its growth through a denser distribution network but on a mastered pace.

Benoit Mercier, in charge of EMEA development at Triskell Software, stresses: “For the last 12 months, we strengthened Triskell Software’s position in our key countries such as France with over 25 key accounts to this day. With Triskell Software, our customers switch from a project portfolio management to a true multi-portfolio management solution. They don’t make detailed planning as a systematic and mandatory entry point in their management, indeed, Triskell allows them to combine waterfall with agile approach within a project for example. Triskell Software is an extremely scalable, flexible and adaptable platform to face the constant transformation challenges of our customers. The Middle East market is very important and we are thrilled to collaborate with trustworthy people like Khalil ABDELNOUR who has already participated in Triskell implementation projects in France”.

Thus, Triskell Software continues its development and its growth with new distribution agreements in the next few months with the UK and the US.