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Configure Triskell’s PPM platform in your own way by choosing the solutions and functionalities you need on demand.

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Project Portfolio Management

Manage all your organization’s portfolios from a single platform and measure in real time the performance of your resources and investments while staying aligned with strategic objectives.

Strategic Portfolio Management

Plan your organization’s strategic vision and align all your product and project portfolios with the SMART objectives, OKRs and KPIs you have set.

Agile Portfolio Management

Drive the implementation of agile practices throughout your portfolio management processes and keep your teams focused on continuous value delivery while accelerating time-to-market.

IT Portfolio Management

Align the management of your IT portfolios with the company’s strategic planning. Have your IT teams evaluated by the value they generate and not by the costs they incur.

Resource Management

Align resource management with capacity planning and ensure that your most valued resources are allocated to the most important initiatives and projects for the business.

New Product Development

Lead your portfolio of new product development and R&D projects to success by adding agility, flexibility and innovation to your existing Phase-Gate processes.

Transformation Program

Lead your organization’s operational transformation by aligning, prioritizing, executing, and tracking the impact of your programs and initiatives.

Demand Management

Get a centralized Demand Management solution for resource management planning and real-time balancing of incoming demand with capacity planning.

Financial Management

Manage the portfolio of your organization with real-time access to financial performance data, from budgeting to the collection of actual expenditures.


Build your own PPM solutions

Configure Triskell’s PPM platform in your own way by choosing the solutions and functionalities you need on demand.

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