A comprehensive guide of Phase Gate Process for R&D projects

New product development projects are the most challenging for companies. They are uncertain, costly, complex and risky. And most of them fail because many R&D teams don’t have the correct information and processes in place to allow the alignment, prioritization and acceleration of critical projects with the overall company goals.

But more and more organizations are relying on the Phase-Gate Process as a Project Management methodology with very satisfactory results, as it allows them to manage the entire life cycle of their R&D projects by reviewing and validating the progress made in each phase of the project before moving to the next stage.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Introduction: What is the Phase Gate Process?
  • How important the Phase-Gate reviews are throughout the lifecycle of R&D Projects.
  • Benefits of Phase Gate for R&D Projects.
  • Use case: How to apply Phase-Gate methodology, in a PPM and SPM software like Triskell, to align, prioritize and accelerate your most beneficial projects.

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How to transform your PMO into a strategic PMO

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