Resource Management: Best practices for PMO leaders and resource managers

Resource management challenges are the top issues facing project and portfolio management today. Because resource shortages and conflicts can plague your ability to deliver, understanding the resource capacity and skill sets that exist within your organization give you the ability to balance demand and apply the right resources at the right time. This ability can make the difference between successfully executing strategy and failing.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Why do organizations fail to successfully plan their resources and capabilities?
  • Best practices for successful resource and capacity planning.
  • How to manage easy resource demand with drag & drop.
  • How to implement specifics resource management allocation processes.
  • Provide a forward-looking view of capacity by applying a rolling forecast of the aggregated resource capacity.
  • Analyze the impacts of shifting priorities and initiative delays by performing a periodic analysis of the aggregate resource capacity.

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How to transform your PMO into a strategic PMO

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Thursday, June 20th
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