Triskell Software, sponsor of the Strategic Project and Portfolio Management conference

Triskell Software sponsored the 4th edition of the Strategic Project and Portfolio Management conference, which took place in Prague from April 24-26. The event brought together top PPM practitioners to share insights and expert advice on topics such as strategic alignment, portfolio value maximization, and risk mitigation.

The conference was a success and provided attendees with valuable insights into how Strategic Portfolio Management can help align portfolios with overall business strategy. It featured practical case studies, interactive discussions, and workshops that addressed the latest trends and best practices in the PPM and SPPM fields.

Throughout the two-day event, we had the opportunity to connect with attendees and learn more about their specific portfolio management challenges. Some of the main lessons learned:

  • Strategic alignment is key: Many of the discussions and presentations emphasized the importance of aligning portfolio management practices with overall business strategy. Attendees learned how to assess the strategic value of projects and make decisions to prioritize high-value initiatives.
  • Hybrid and adaptive approaches are gaining traction: The conference also highlighted the rise of hybrid and adaptive portfolio management approaches, which allow organizations to respond quickly to changing market conditions and business priorities, while still maintaining a strategic focus.
  • Agile approaches can also be adapted and applied to other non-IT industries, such as pharmaceuticals and biotech. Or even in R&D environments, where it is crucial to tailor these approaches to fit each organization’s unique needs.
  • PMO’s role is crucial in driving the success of an organization’s Agile transformation. This includes working to address resistance to change, shifting mindsets and attitudes about Agile, and fostering a culture of trust and collaboration.

The conference was inspirational. We are looking forward to continue sharing our expertise in Strategic Portfolio Management with the PPM community. See you soon, Prague!