Drive growth and operational efficiency

Visibility and transparency across the entire organization for better business outcomes.

Ensure business alignment across your entire organization

Do you still find it challenging to align strategic plans and priorities? Gain a clear understanding of where your company has been, where it is now and what options you have going forward. Use historical data to identify areas for operational improvement and optimize planning for new programs and projects.

Invest in business value

Ensure efficient alignment to your corporate strategy and objectives by investing time and money in the things that matter. Prioritize programs, projects and initiatives that truly deliver value, and get the details of their business impact.

Cost reduction scenario in Triskell

Avoid portfolio cost overruns

Determine the real cost of your projects and portfolios, and manage demand and business cases in order to plan future investments. Leverage efficient financial reporting on estimates versus actuals to make sure you stay in line with the corporate financial goal.

PPM solutions for all business executives

Triskell is so flexible that it can be used by executives from organizations in any industry. Whether you need strategic planning capabilities, your company is in the middle of a transformation program or it’s transitioning to Agile, Triskell can be tailored to your specific needs.

Strategic Portfolio Management

Cascade your strategic objectives to all company levels and ensure that the organization focuses on the projects, products and portfolios that deliver the most value.

Financial Management

Optimize business ROI, accurately determine the organization’s resources and each initiative’s costs, and weigh this against the delivered value.

Transformation Program

Get a full roadmap of your business transformation program and ensure that all associated projects and initiatives are aligned with the strategic planning and business objectives.

New Product Development

Your R&D projects are essential for the company’s sustainability and market positioning. Make sure that the organization remains at the forefront while ensuring its profitability.

You are in good company


A valuable aid for monitoring and directing our activities

“Triskell is clearly one of the assets to contribute to the achievement of our 2021-2025 strategic plan. We have both a unified vision of the strategic action plan with macro-indicators for high-level management, and close planning on the ground to monitor its implementation”.

Direction Stratégie et Développement

Ready to lead your business strategic plans towards efficiency?