Unleash efficiency with cutting-edge PMO software

Build standards and processes with a PPM software for PMO Management and improve your decision-making.

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Are you struggling to demonstrate to company executives the value your PMO brings to the business? Get enterprise PMO capabilities that will help you standardize how benefits are recorded, scored and tracked at all levels of the PMO. Measure every last drop of value that your PMO delivers.

Stay ahead of the curve: Agile PMO software for modern businesses

Explore the benefits of our Agile PMO software, tailored to meet the demands of today’s fast-paced business environment. From adaptive planning to continuous improvement, revolutionize the way you approach project portfolio management and ensure your business stays agile in the face of evolving challenges.

Resource Management Board in Triskell

Redefine collaboration and avoid resource overallocation

Great projects are the result of great teamwork. Our PMO software isn’t just about managing tasks; it’s about fostering collaboration and boosting team synergy. Experience a platform that brings your team together, breaking down silos and enhancing communication.

A wide range of solutions in one single PMO management software

Thanks to the flexibility of the Triskell platform, you can adapt the solution to the different needs of your PMO and your organization. From portfolio management to financial and resource management, nothing will be out of your control.

Resource Management

Get a full picture of resource planning and allocation and their financial implications thanks to the many dashboards and reports delivered by our PPM platform.

Project Portfolio Management

Make the right decisions, focus on the right projects and get a clear view of which projects, products programs and portfolios deliver value to your organization.

Strategic Portfolio Management

Create strategic plans to identify, list, prioritize and share business goals and initiatives. Leverage OKRs, SMART goals and KPIs to capture and share your vision and strategy.

IT Portfolio Management

Improve business performance with an integrated demand pipeline, planning, budgeting, risk management, reporting and forecasting, all to support your strategy.

You are in good company

See how organizations like yours use the Triskell platform to strategize, align and deliver business outcomes.


Finally we have visibility of our portfolio

“We can now easily share the vision with all levels of IT and business departments. Triskell has simplified and accelerated the process of preparing for more than 100 business steering committees since April 2020”.


Moving from a simple supervisory logic to a global management of the activity

“Thanks to Triskell, we have streamlined our workflows, improved the speed of timesheet reporting and simplified our billing processes”.


Software and tools for all PMOs and beyond

Tailoring Triskell to the specific aims and needs of various roles within your organization is possible. From transformation leaders and strategy managers to project managers, resource managers, and financial controllers, Triskell offers advantages across the board.

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FAQ software for Project Management Office (PMO)

Triskell Software differentiates itself from other software for PMOs by offering a comprehensive and flexible solution tailored to the unique needs of modern project management offices. Key distinguishing features include:

  • Ability to handle complex project portfolios with diverse methodologies 
  • User-friendly interface and customizable workflows 
  • Seamless integration with popular project management tools and systems 
  • Real-time project dashboards and reporting for informed decision-making 
  • Emphasis on collaboration and communication among project stakeholders. 
  • Scalable solution suitable for PMOs of all sizes 

Triskell Software offers a range of key features and functionalities tailored for PMOs. Here are some highlights:

  • Comprehensive project portfolio management: Triskell provides a centralized platform to manage and track all your projects, ensuring visibility and control over the entire portfolio.
  • Customizable workflows: Our software allows you to define and adapt workflows to match your PMO processes, ensuring flexibility and alignment with your unique requirements.
  • Resource management and optimization: Triskell enables efficient allocation and optimization of resources across projects, ensuring optimal utilization and preventing resource bottlenecks.
  • Real-time dashboards and reporting: Triskell offers real-time project dashboards and reporting, providing actionable insights into project performance, risks, and issues.
  • Collaboration and communication: Triskell fosters seamless collaboration and communication among project teams and stakeholders, promoting transparency and enhancing teamwork.
  • Integration capabilities: Triskell seamlessly integrates with other project management tools and systems, such as Jira or Microsoft Project, facilitating data exchange and eliminating silos.
  • Risk and issue management: Triskell helps identify, track, and mitigate risks and issues across projects, ensuring proactive risk management and timely issue resolution.
  • Agile and traditional project management support: Triskell accommodates both agile and traditional project management methodologies, offering flexibility to suit your preferred approach.
  • Scalable solution: Triskell Software is scalable and can grow with your PMO, supporting your evolving needs as your project portfolio expands.

Triskell Software is highly scalable and suitable for PMOs across industries.

  • Scalability: Triskell can seamlessly accommodate the needs of PMOs, whether they are small teams or large enterprises with extensive project portfolios.
  • Flexibility: Our software is designed to be adaptable to various industries, allowing customization and configuration to meet specific industry requirements.
  • Industry-agnostic: Triskell is not limited to any particular industry. It can be utilized by PMOs in sectors such as IT, engineering, healthcare, banking, manufacturing, and more.
  • Diverse project types: Triskell supports a wide range of project types, including R&D projects, construction projects, new product development, transformation programs, and more.
  • Methodology-agnostic: Triskell accommodates different project management methodologies, such as SAFe Agile, Waterfall, Phase-Gate, Scrum, Kanban, and hybrid management approaches, ensuring compatibility regardless of preferred methodologies.
  • Cross-functional capabilities: Triskell enables PMOs to manage projects spanning multiple departments or business units, making it suitable for organizations with complex structures.
  • Integration possibilities: Triskell seamlessly integrates with other systems and tools commonly used across industries, ensuring data synchronization and eliminating workflow gaps.

Triskell Software supports resource management and allocation across projects through:

  • Centralized resource visibility and availability tracking.
  • Resource demand and capacity planning.
  • Resource leveling to balance workloads.
  • Optimization of resource allocation.
  • Conflict resolution and schedule coordination.
  • Time tracking and workload management.

With Triskell, you can efficiently manage and allocate resources, ensuring optimal utilization, improved project performance, and timely delivery.

Triskell Software seamlessly integrates with popular project management tools and systems such as Jira, Microsoft Project, Teams, SAP or Salesforce, providing the following benefits:

  • Smooth data flow and elimination of manual data entry.
  • Streamlined workflows and accurate information across platforms.
  • Breaking down information silos and fostering collaboration.
  • Holistic view of project data for enhanced visibility.
  • Time-saving and error reduction through automated data transfer.
  • Flexibility to integrate with a wide range of tools and systems.

Triskell Software is suitable for various roles beyond PMO and Project Managers, including:

  • CEOs: Real-time visibility for strategic decision-making
  • CIOs: Integration capabilities and IT project management support
  • IT Managers: Oversight of IT projects, resources, and collaboration
  • Strategy Managers: Alignment of projects with strategic goals
  • Transformation Leaders: Monitoring and driving organizational transformation
  • Resource Managers: Efficient resource allocation and utilization

Triskell Software offers real-time project dashboards and reporting capabilities to enhance performance tracking. Here’s why it’s advantageous:

  • Real-time insights: Triskell provides up-to-date project data, allowing you to monitor progress, identify bottlenecks, and make informed decisions in real-time.
  • Customizable dashboards: Our software enables you to create personalized dashboards tailored to your specific project metrics and KPIs, ensuring relevant and actionable information.
  • Visual representation: Triskell presents project data through intuitive charts, graphs, and visualizations, making it easier to understand and communicate project performance.
  • Drill-down capabilities: You can dive deeper into project details by drilling down into specific metrics or areas of interest, gaining a comprehensive understanding of project health.
  • Historical data tracking: Triskell maintains historical project data, enabling you to track trends, measure performance over time, and identify areas for improvement.
  • Automated reporting: Triskell automates the generation of reports, saving time and effort. You can schedule and distribute reports to stakeholders, ensuring transparency and accountability.
  • Performance alerts: Triskell can notify you of critical project events or performance thresholds, allowing you to take timely action and mitigate risks.

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