Make better decisions with What-if scenario analysis

Anticipate changes, simulate different scenarios and improve your decision-making processes with our what-if scenario analysis features.

Prioritize the right projects and initiatives

Stop investing in projects and portfolios that do not add value. Optimize your decision-making processes and prioritize the initiatives that best align with strategic objectives with What-if Scenario Analysis feature.

Flexible What-if Scenario planning capabilities

Gain the freedom to build scenarios on any object (projects, products, problems, deliverables, risks, etc.) and prioritize them to measure their impact on capabilities and objectives. Use numeric attributes or time attributes to express a capability such as budget or a goal such as benefits.

Cost reduction scenario in Triskell

Quickly adapt to changes in strategy

Anticipate strategy changes and assess their potential impacts and the results of those discrepancies and business evolution. Make informed decisions to plan your portfolios to stay aligned with business professionals and financial and human resource capabilities.

Integrate What-if Scenario Planning in your Triskell solutions

Triskell’s what-if scenario simulation feature will enable you to optimize all your portfolio management processes. Plan ahead and improve your decision-making processes in areas such as resource management, demand management or project prioritization and drive your business to success.

Project Portfolio Management

Plan in advance the projects, programs and portfolios on which you will focus your efforts. Run What-if Simulations to improve decision making when prioritizing the execution of your strategy.

Resource Management

Use Scenario Planning feature to balance capacity planning with resource management so that your team can focus on the initiatives that are really provide value to the business.

Demand Management

Improve your decision-making processes when managing incoming demands. Use what-if analysis to visually analyze the organization’s capacity to cope with all the demands and where to focus your efforts.

Financial management

On which projects or portfolios should I allocate more funds and financial resources? The scenario simulation will allow you to plan the financial management of your project portfolio in advance and reduce budget overruns.

Get the most powerful what-if scenario planning feature to help you in your strategic planning


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