Maximize efficiency for seamless project execution

Say goodbye to project delays and resource conflicts, and embrace a new era of productivity.

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Stay ahead of deadlines

Missed deadlines are a thing of the past. Triskell’s resource management capabilities provide you with real-time insights into project timelines, allowing you to proactively manage resources and ensure on-time delivery. Keep your clients satisfied and boost your team’s morale.

Data-driven decision making to reduce costs and maximize benefits

Make informed decisions backed by powerful data analytics. Our project resource management software provides detailed insights into resource utilization, project progress, and team performance. Harness the power of data to identify strengths, address weaknesses, and boost overall productivity.

Align capacity planning with demand

Align resource capacity, demand management, running activities and business strategy in order to maximize the ROI of your resources. Optimize your project and product roadmap based on your resource capacities.

The most flexible PPM tools for resource managers

Thanks to Triskell’s flexibility, resource managers have full visibility and control over all portfolio components. If you require PPM software with resource management capabilities in order to stay aligned with your organization’s strategic objectives, Triskell is the PPM solution for you.

Project Portfolio Management

Maintain control over resource allocation and financial management across your portfolios by focusing your employees on the projects and products that add the greatest value to the company.

Resource Management

Balance capacity planning and resource management with incoming demand, so that your team can focus on the initiatives that truly bring value to the organization.

Demand Management

Align resource allocation with your demand management processes and ensure that the most important incoming demands are met by your most valuable resources.

Strategic Portfolio Management

Efficient resource management is key to achieving your organization’s strategic objectives. Ensure that the highest-priority projects and programs have the right resources working on them.


Resource management tools for all company roles

The adaptability of Triskell allows for tailoring to the specific goals and needs of various roles within your organization. Whether you’re an IT Manager, strategy manager, PMO manager, CIO, or financial controller, Triskell provides advantages across different functions.

FAQ Project Resource Management software 

Triskell Software streamlines resource managers’ operations, enhance collaboration, and achieve project success through its powerful features:

  • Centralized Resource Management: access a comprehensive view of resources for efficient planning and allocation.
  • Smart resource scheduling: assign resources based on skills, availability, and project priorities with drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Real-time resource tracking: monitor resource utilization, project progress, and identify bottlenecks in real-time.
  • Resource demand forecasting: anticipate future resource needs using historical data and predictive analytics.
  • Collaboration and communication: Facilitate seamless teamwork through discussions, document sharing, and notifications.
  • Performance analysis and optimization: Measure resource performance, analyze utilization, and optimize resource allocation strategies.

Triskell Software offers features that enhance resource allocation and utilization:

  • Resource planning: Forecast demand, align skills, and allocate resources effectively.
  • Resource visibility: Gain real-time visibility into availability, skills, and workload.
  • Smart scheduling: Assign resources based on availability, skills, and priorities.
  • Resource collaboration: Foster efficient collaboration and task management.
  • Capacity management: Balance workloads and proactively address constraints.
  • Reporting and analytics: Gain insights for optimizing allocation and decision-making.

Triskell Software helps in tracking and managing resource capacity and availability through:

  • Real-time resource visibility: Gain real-time visibility into resource availability and workloads.
  • Centralized resource management: Consolidate resource data in one place for easy tracking.
  • Resource allocation and planning: Assign resources, set capacity limits, and optimize resource allocation.
  • Advanced scheduling capabilities: Create detailed resource schedules based on availability and project requirements.
  • Reporting and analytics: Generate insights on resource utilization and make data-driven decisions.

With Triskell, you can effectively track and manage resource capacity and availability, leading to optimized resource utilization and successful project execution.

Yes, Triskell Software is highly customizable to fit your organization’s specific needs and workflows. It offers:

  • Customizable fields and data attributes.
  • Configurable workflows.
  • Personalized dashboards and views.
  • Integration and API capabilities.

With Triskell Software, you can tailor the software to align perfectly with your organization, optimizing efficiency and ensuring a seamless user experience.

Yes, with Triskell Software, you can effectively optimize resource allocation, leading to enhanced efficiency and project outcomes.

  • Centralized resource pool management.
  • Intelligent resource planning based on skills, availability, and priorities.
  • Capacity balancing to ensure a balanced workload distribution.
  • Real-time resource tracking for monitoring and decision-making.
  • Scenario analysis for evaluating different allocation options.

Triskell Software is suitable for various roles within an organization, including:

Triskell Software empowers these roles with powerful features and insights, enabling success in their respective responsibilities.

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