Leverage the full potential on of your resources

Get a complete view of the workload and demand on your resources and manage them strategically.

Accurate portfolio planning

Implement a consistent approach to project and resource planning processes, including a breakdown of the tasks and resources involved. Follow a top-down approach to resource management that clarifies project selection and prioritization processes.

Reduce costs and maximize profits

Reduce project-wide staff costs by maximizing resource usage and minimizing downtime, via clear and efficient project staffing and planning. Define resources’ internal costs as well as multi-rate management for billable hours.

Align capacity planning with demand

Align resource capacity, demand management, running activities and business strategy in order to maximize the ROI of your resources. Optimize your project and product roadmap based on your resource capacities.

The most flexible PPM software for resource managers

Thanks to Triskell’s flexibility, resource managers have full visibility and control over all portfolio components. If you require PPM software with resource management capabilities in order to stay aligned with your organization’s strategic objectives, Triskell is the PPM solution for you.

Project Portfolio Management

Maintain control over resource allocation and financial management across your portfolios by focusing your employees on the projects and products that add the greatest value to the company.

Resource Management

Balance capacity planning and resource management with incoming demand, so that your team can focus on the initiatives that truly bring value to the organization.

Demand Management

Align resource allocation with your demand management processes and ensure that the most important incoming demands are met by your most valuable resources.

Strategic Portfolio Management

Efficient resource management is key to achieving your organization’s strategic objectives. Ensure that the highest-priority projects and programs have the right resources working on them.

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