A PPM to transform the vision of your business

Share your vision, manage programs, define targets, measure actuals and keep all stakeholder informed.

Build a framework for your transformation program

Build and deploy transformation management frameworks. Define a clear environment to streamline processes for initiative definition, prioritization and execution. Implement operational changes and deliver measurable improvements.

Be the agent of change your organization needs

Cascade goals into programs and projects and use what-if capabilities to ensure the best execution planning. Leverage master plans, Agile planning and Gantt charts according to your needs, and define responsibilities and timelines to plan your strategy execution.

Deliver organizational benefits

Oversee all areas of a business, implement operational changes and deliver measurable improvements in order to define a clear environment to streamline processes for initiative definition, prioritization and execution.

A transformation program that delivers results to all PPM levels

Triskell is so flexible that it can be used by executives from organizations in any industry. Whether you need strategic planning capabilities, your company is in the middle of a transformation program or it’s transitioning to Agile, Triskell can be tailored to your specific needs.

Strategic Portfolio Management

Ensure that all projects and initiatives linked to your business transformation program serve to reinforce the strategic objectives set by the organization’s executives.

Project Portfolio Management

Make sound decisions, focus on the right projects and gain a clear understanding of which projects, products, programs and portfolios add value to your business.

Resource Management

By using the multiple dashboards and reports provided by the Triskell PPM platform, you will get a complete perspective of resource planning and allocation, as well as the financial implications.

Agile Portfolio Management

Draw a roadmap towards an agile portfolio that clearly aligns your strategic goals with execution. Ensure that all teams (development, IT, marketing, etc.) embrace this new business vision.

Do you want PPM software to manage your transformation program?