A PPM to transform the vision of your business

Share your vision, manage programs, define targets, measure actuals, and keep all stakeholders informed.

Build a framework for your transformation program

Build and deploy transformation management frameworks. Define a clear environment to streamline processes for initiative definition, prioritization and execution. Implement operational changes and deliver measurable improvements.

Be the agent of change your organization needs

Cascade goals into programs and projects and use what-if capabilities to ensure the best execution planning. Leverage master plans, Agile planning and Gantt charts according to your needs, and define responsibilities and timelines to plan your strategy execution.

Triskell masterplan

Deliver organizational benefits

Achieve unparalleled returns on investment with our intelligent transformation manager software. Gain insights into market trends, analyze data in real-time, and execute strategies that propel your business forward. Elevate your profitability like never before.

A transformation program that delivers results to all PPM levels

Triskell is so flexible that it can be used by executives from organizations in any industry. Whether you need strategic planning capabilities, your company is in the middle of a transformation program or it’s transitioning to Agile, Triskell can be tailored to your specific needs.

Strategic Portfolio Management

Ensure that all projects and initiatives linked to your business transformation program serve to reinforce the strategic objectives set by the organization’s executives.

Project Portfolio Management

Make sound decisions, focus on the right projects and gain a clear understanding of which projects, products, programs and portfolios add value to your business.

Resource Management

By using the multiple dashboards and reports provided by the Triskell PPM platform, you will get a complete perspective of resource planning and allocation, as well as the financial implications.

Transformation Program

Elevate your company’s performance, streamline operations, and drive unprecedented growth. Say goodbye to outdated processes and hello to a new era of efficiency.


Manage your business transformation from all perspectives

Triskell can be adjusted to fit the specific objectives and needs of the diverse roles within your organization. Business executives, strategy managers, PMO managers, IT managers, and financial controllers, to name a few, can all derive value from Triskell.

FAQ transformation manager software

Triskell Software offers substantial benefits to your business’s digital transformation:

  • Efficiency optimization: Triskell Software streamlines processes, enhancing overall efficiency in managing digital transformation initiatives.
  • Tailored for Transformation Managers: The software is specifically designed for Transformation Managers, providing them with targeted tools and features to drive successful transformations.
  • Lifecycle Support: Triskell Software supports you throughout the entire transformation lifecycle, from planning to execution, ensuring a seamless and effective transformation journey.
  • Versatility: While focused on Transformation Managers, Triskell Software is versatile, catering to the needs of various stakeholders involved in the digital transformation process.

Incorporating Triskell Software into your digital transformation strategy can result in a more streamlined, efficient, and successful transformation journey.

Triskell Software provides a range of functionalities tailored for Transformation Managers, ensuring effective management of digital transformation initiatives:

  • Task Streamlining: Triskell Software enables Transformation Managers to streamline tasks, improving overall efficiency in planning and execution.
  • Efficient Resource Management: The solution offers tools for efficient resource allocation, ensuring optimal utilization of resources throughout the transformation process.
  • Collaborative Tools: Triskell Software includes collaborative features, fostering effective communication and cooperation among team members involved in the transformation.
  • Planning and Execution Support: Transformation Managers benefit from tools that assist in both the planning and execution phases, ensuring a cohesive and well-managed transformation journey.
  • Customization Options: The software provides customization options, allowing Transformation Managers to adapt the platform to the specific needs of their transformation projects.

By leveraging these functionalities, Triskell Software empowers Transformation Managers to navigate and lead successful digital transformation initiatives.

Triskell Software’s solution is equipped to address challenges encountered by Transformation Managers, providing features and strategies to ensure a smooth and successful transformation process:

Resistance Management: The software includes tools and methodologies to effectively manage resistance during the transformation journey, facilitating smoother transitions.

  • Change Management Support: Triskell Software offers support for change management, guiding Transformation Managers in implementing strategies to navigate and overcome challenges.
  • Communication Enhancement: The solution includes features that enhance communication among team members, promoting collaboration and minimizing misunderstandings.
  • Risk Mitigation: Triskell Software provides tools for risk assessment and mitigation, empowering Transformation Managers to proactively address potential challenges.
  • Real-time Monitoring: Transformation Managers can utilize real-time monitoring features to track progress, identify bottlenecks, and address challenges promptly.

By integrating these elements into the solution, Triskell Software aims to assist Transformation Managers in effectively navigating and overcoming challenges encountered during the transformation process.

Yes, Triskell Software’s solution is scalable, making it well-suited for managing large-scale transformation initiatives. The software provides the necessary flexibility and capabilities to handle extensive transformation projects efficiently. This scalability ensures that Transformation Managers can seamlessly integrate Triskell Software’s solution into their initiatives, regardless of the scale, without compromising performance or effectiveness.

By offering scalability, Triskell Software aims to meet the diverse needs of Transformation Managers involved in substantial and complex transformation endeavors.

Triskell Software’s solution is versatile and applicable in various scenarios, making it effective for different types of transformation management initiatives:

  • Organizational Restructuring: Triskell Software is suitable for managing transformations related to organizational restructuring, helping Transformation Managers streamline the process and ensure a smooth transition.
  • Technology Adoption: The solution can be applied when adopting new technologies, providing tools to facilitate the integration of innovative technologies into existing systems.
  • Process Optimization: Triskell Software supports transformation projects focused on process optimization, offering functionalities to streamline and enhance business processes.
  • Cultural Change: When dealing with cultural change within an organization, the solution aids Transformation Managers in implementing strategies for effective change management and overcoming resistance.
  • Strategic Initiatives: Triskell Software is beneficial for managing strategic initiatives, providing a comprehensive platform for planning, execution, and monitoring of transformation projects.

By offering adaptability to different scenarios, Triskell Software aims to be a versatile tool for Transformation Managers across a wide range of transformation management endeavors.

Triskell Software is a versatile solution that caters to various roles beyond Transformation Managers. It is beneficial for:

  • CEOs: Triskell Software provides CEOs with insights and tools for strategic decision-making, aligning digital transformation initiatives with overall business goals.
  • CIOs: Chief Information Officers can leverage Triskell Software to manage technology adoption, oversee digital initiatives, and ensure alignment with the organization’s IT strategy.
  • Strategy Manager: Triskell Software supports Strategy Managers in planning and executing strategic initiatives, providing a comprehensive platform for strategy alignment and implementation.
  • PMO Manager: The software assists PMO Managers in optimizing project portfolio management, ensuring effective oversight of various projects within the organization.
  • IT Manager: IT Managers benefit from Triskell Software’s capabilities in managing technology-related transformations, facilitating a smooth integration of new technologies.
  • Financial Controller: Triskell Software aids Financial Controllers in overseeing the financial aspects of transformation projects, ensuring cost-effectiveness and financial accountability.
  • Project Manager: Project Managers can utilize the platform to efficiently plan, execute, and monitor projects, contributing to the overall success of transformation initiatives.
  • Resource Manager: Triskell Software supports Resource Managers in optimizing resource allocation, ensuring efficient utilization of resources throughout the transformation process.

By accommodating these roles, Triskell Software ensures that a diverse set of stakeholders can actively contribute to and benefit from the success of digital transformation within the organization.

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