Empowering teams and individuals

Keep internal and external stakeholders informed and foster collaboration and feedback in your organization.

Foster collaboration

Allow stakeholders to share comments and feedback by launching a multi-forum discussion about any piece of information for true collaboration. Keep everyone informed by setting automatic reminders and alerts when necessary.

Centralized demand management tool

You can expedite your demand management processes using Triskell forms. With them, you can easily collect project requests or ideas for new initiatives from any internal or external collaborator.

Friendly home page

Launch an intuitive user interface where stakeholders can see what they need to do in a single view, as well as personalize their calendar. The favorites menu allows instant access to selected items (project, objectives, deliverables, etc.) from the home page.

PPM solutions to guide your stakeholders to success

From strategy to execution, you can now keep all your stakeholders informed about every relevant detail of your business, including project portfolio management, new product development, resource management and strategy planning. Don’t let your stakeholders miss any updates on your path to success.

Project Portfolio Management

Manage project portfolios and support company strategy exactly the way you want.

Strategic Portfolio Management

The right solution to align execution and strategy and achieve your goals.

New Product Development

Deliver product innovation at scale and lead your business towards business leadership.

Resource Management

The right people doing the right tasks to support your business strategy.

Agile Portfolio Management

Scale Agile to guide your business portfolio towards continuous value delivery.

IT Portfolio Management

Align IT demand with business strategy and improve performance.

Financial Management

Gain financial management capabilities to link results and resources.

Demand Management

Create a clear view of demand and its possible impact on business and overall strategy.

Transformation Program

Build a framework for your transformation planning and organizational change.

Would you like to involve stakeholders in the success of your organization?