Plan and execute your strategic vision

Get the balanced scorecards you need to plan an execute your strategy or Transformation Program.

Draw a map of your strategy

Optimize your portfolios to get the best set of Projects, programs, products or initiatives to meet your goals in accordance with business priorities and available capacities. Optimize resource usage in accordance with business priorities.

Balanced scorecard tool to help you focus on your SMART goals

Articulate objectives appropriately and link them to project and program executions. Be SMART and use Triskell’s extremely configurable KPI and goals definition and cascade them across all portfolios or in your Transformation Program.

Effective strategic planning

Align Responsibility and Timeline with organization’s capacity to achieve Company Goals. Obtain strong resource, financial and budget management capabilities in order to get full visbility of the strategy execution and know on what to focus your resources in order to succeed.

Use cases of our Balanced Scorecards solutions

Balanced scorecards will serve as a link between strategic planning and execution. It is a feature that can be used for various solutions within the Triskell platform, from Project Portfolio Management to New Product Development or Transformation Programs.

Project Portfolio Management

Use balanced scorecards to bridge the gap between strategic planning and project portfolio management. Get a record of all your projects and initiatives and how they contribute to achieving your business goals.

Strategic Portfolio Management

Break down all your strategic objectives into projects, programs and initiatives, prioritize them according to your strategic objectives and communicate the associated KPIs or OKRs to the entire organization.

New Product Development

Keep track of your new product development strategy and communicate your strategy to your team and key stakeholders, as well as the objectives and goals of the different programs you are working on.

Transformation Program

Consider balanced scorecards as part of an organizational transformation management system. List the different programs and initiatives that need to be put in place to make your transformation program a reality for all stakeholders.

Get the most flexible balanced scorecards ever seen in a PPM software